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Checkweigher System

  • Is an innovative CheckWeigher designed to accommodate a wide range of industry applications. Combining high speed with high accuracy, the CheckWeigher is incredibly user friendly and is able to alert operators to faults during operation.

  • The system is designed for institutional and packaged food manufacturing, specialty chemical, and corrosive or caustic product industries. This in-motion CheckWeigher weighs products from (0.5 kg to 50 kg) with conveyor speeds in excess of 250 feet per minute, and production rates up to 60 units per minute.

  • Calibration is important as it ensures the reliability and accuracy of your CheckWeigher at all times; CheckWeigher should be calibrated at least once a year, but could be required more often depending on the production environment.

Control Unit

This unit responsible to collect the actual weight from the digital scale and the desired weight. Processing the data and detect the difference between actual and desired weights, if the difference was acceptable will turn on green led if not will turn on red led.

Conveyor Unit

It is customizing unit which can integrate to any production line.
The conveyor base manufactured form stainless steel.


Weighing conveyor Unit

Is a simple, easy to use, rugged, yet highly accurate production scale. Designed for flexible and hard-to-handle products, this checkweigher weighs products of virtually any shape or size. Examples of containers are boxes, cans, bottles, rigid shrink-wrapped packages, or flexible packages.

Tower indication Unit

This unit responsible to alarm the operator there is error in the package weight.
There are three led indicators to inform operator current status:
Yellow, Green & Red


System Specifications

Capacity: 2 to 30 Kg.
Resolution: 0.1 g.
Accuracy: 10 g.
Conveyor belt width: 30 CM or Customize.
Conveyor length: 60 CM or Customize.
Product dimensions: Customize.
Display: 5-inch touch panel color display.
Operation temperature: 10~40°C