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Embedded Linux Diploma

You will obtain a solid understanding of embedded development using the Yocto Project, and to give software engineers a solid understanding of the build process from compilation, and over packaging to creating a bootable image.

Participants will have extensive hands-on experience with practical exercises using emulators as well as actual hardware.




  • Linux Fundamentals
    • Unix & Linux history
    • Linux OS System Structure
    • Root Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
    • Introduction to the command line
    • Exploring and managing the filesystem
    • Users, Groups and Permissions
    • Text utilities
    • Searching (for files & inside text files)
    • Process management
    • Archiving and compression
    • Shell scripting basics
  • Embedded Linux
    • Embedded Linux Introduction
    • Cross Compilers
    • Different Ways to Build
    • Building Full Linux Custom Image from Scratch
    • HW emulators (QEMU)
    • Auto-build Tools
    • Yocto Project
    • Organization of Yocto Project
    • Building Full Image with Yocto
    • Bitbake Utility
    • Creating New Layers
    • Writing New Recipes
    • Customizing Images
    • Building SDKs

Linux Fundamentals

Get familiar with Linux system structure and components. Gain sufficient skills to perform basic Unix/Linux tasks on Ubuntu Linux. Develop a good working knowledge of Linux using both the graphical interface and command line.


Embedded Linux

Gain sufficient skills to build custom Linux distributions for different architectures. To be familiar with different Embedded Linux Auto-Build tools. Yocto build system. Porting to different development kits. Creating SDKs for cross compilation.

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  • Comfortable Working with Command line
  • Experience with Ubuntu Linux distribution is a Plus.
  • Knowledge of the Python Programing Language is a Plus.
  • Familiar with Basic Linux/UNIX utilities is a plus.
  • Bring Your Own Laptop with Minimum Requirements:
    • 64-bit CPU
    • 4GB RAM
    • 50GB Disk Space Empty space or partition to install Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64-bit.
80+ houres
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