Check Weight System

Check Weight System


Embedded FAB enhances Factories production lines with weighting systems

that check the packages weight and detect whether it is compliant with packages

reference weights or not.

The system contains of four

main units:


1. Barcode Reader Unit


This unit is responsible for reading the

desired weight of the package from the

barcode label on the package (with

Operator support) and send information

to Control and Processing Unit.


2. Alarm Unit

This unit is responsible for firing

ALARM to operator for error indication;

mainly indicates that the target packages

is over/under weight.


3. Control and Processing Unit

Processing the data and detect the difference between actual and desired weights, if the difference

was acceptable will turn on green led if not will turn on red led.


4. User Interface Unit

It is a sub-unit that is integrated with control and processing unit. It contains a small screen and

keypad which enable operator to configure and adjust error margins for each package margin type.



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