Embedded FAB provide a full and integrated

solution for solar tracking using a linear actuator.

The control unit will be responsible for controlling

the position of a linear actuator, which subsequently

will control Solar Panels orientation.


The system provides monitoring and tracking

services to the position degree for the linear actuator

through a web-based administration portal also it can

instantiate many services like activation,

deactivation, and configuration for the actuator.


Project components:


1. Control Unit


This unit responsible to control

linear actuator as mention before. It also

comprises some features like metering, real time

clock calibration, and event logging.





2. Desktop Application:


• Responsible to control the

linear actuator by updating

new position values in site.

• Calibrate System internal

clock for the sake of time


• Display Power meter reading.

• User Notification when urgent

scenarios happen.


3. Power Supply unit

Responsible to provide stable power source for control unit.





Linear Actuator control

for solar panel

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